Kur dëbora i bën fotot e dasmës të duken përrallore (Foto) - Elita - Kosova Sot
Kur dëbora i bën fotot e dasmës të duken përrallore (Foto)

Kur dëbora i bën fotot e dasmës të duken përrallore (Foto)

Shumica e çifteve nuk duan që shiu ose dëbora të bjerë në ditën e tyre të madhe.

Por kur një stuhi dëbore nisi në ditën e dasmës së Carly dhe Chris në Angli, të gjithë menduan se ishte një mallkim.

Megjithatë fotot e dasmës ishin përrallore.

Carly and Chris Atwill were thrilled when a freak blizzard brought a bucket of snow with it on their special dayThe couple's wish for snow came true and their wedding venue was turned into a winter wonderland, with eight inches of snow falling on December 12, producing these stunning scenesThe couple bravely posed outside for some pictures taken by wedding photographer Paul Liddement, 36, who has been photographing weddings for three years but had never done a snowy wedding beforePaul captured the series of stunning shots of the newly married couple in the grounds of Lartington Hall in Barnard Castle, Teesdale, County DurhamThe couple said they had hoped for snow but that it hadn't snowed in five years so they didn't really expect it to 'We were absolutely thrilled when we saw the snow, it felt so magical,' said Carly, 30, who braved the cold in her sleeveless gownCarly said that the snow began settling at the beginning of their ceremony and by the time they had finished eight inches had fallen. Pictured: Male guests jump around in the powder Newlyweds Chris and Carly were thrilled with their winter wonderland of a wedding - the snow even melted away in time so guests could get home easily'The snow was coming down thick and fast, so we couldn't spend much time out there, but I was really pleased with the results,' said photographer Paul

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